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  • I live in My Exaggerated Mind. Sometimes Somewhere Beyond. Uh.. Philippines|Australia, Yeah?
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is Is Making Sure I Survive The Everyday.
  • I am Just Your Typical Background That Can Be Found Anywhere.
A Little Story About Arvee At Home..

Roam 1

Arvee: I'm Gonna Play~!

Brother: No.

Arvee: Whee~

Roam 2

Arvee: Whee~
Brother 2: Stop Arvee.

Roam 3

Sis: Have Fun, Arvee.
Arvee: Yey~

Roam 4

Brother 1 and 2: No.
Arvee when...

Being Lol

... bored.

Being cute

... being cute. (When Senpai is not looking).
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So, Yo yo and all. I am the Arvee100smart in these parts, and the author of fairy Tail Not! =4=. I'm not really much of a introductory person since I pee my pants, so good luck judging me. In confronting me, normally just call me Arvee. Well, not all calls me that, so in a way, try giving out new nicknames for me like PArvert or something XDD.
So, yeah. Fairy Tail Not!. I did all the work, lol, so I'm doing my best. If you have requests, questions, or want to be my partner in a commentary, please just message me in my Message Wall. Changing the topic and all, so continue. Yeah.
♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪┏ ( Y^Y ) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪
I just recently made this wiki, and wishing some editors to help me, after all, this is the official website of Fairy Tail Not!. I did my best improvising the Wiki, such as adding I-don't-know stuffs or anything helpful here. I just love this wiki and all. I don't know what to type next.... Ah! I know... um.. Oh yeah, just keep scrolling anyway.
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Meh. I can do that... Epic Repeat
Me: *gasps*
Him: *gasps*
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